Intro: SDRNews and Andy McCaskey for CES2011

CES: What Makes TPN Coverage Different!

One of the things that I enjoy most about TPN coverage of CES is the fact that we operate outside of the traditional media coverage pattern. You won’t find us hanging out in the Press Room or waiting from some “big deal announcement” from the mega companies along with 250 other media types in some staged, celebrity endorsed “exclusive” event.

From the first year’s coverage, our objective has been to provide our viewers and listeners with as complete a picture of the CES experience as possible. We set out to peek into unauthorized corners. Just like any geekly minded attendee, the real fun is setting up a plan, and then throwing it out the window if something more interesting crosses our path.

We seldom take scheduled interviews in our product floor coverage. We spend a lot of time seeking out companies we have never heard of – the two people at a card table with the almost home-made sign is often the most interesting product and story.

Name: Andy McCaskey

Website , RVNN.TV,

Years as CES TPN talent: 6th

Favorite video from CES: Hitting the Wall . Regardless of the amount of dedication and desire, at a certain point in covering CES, every podcaster will hit the wall – a combination of stress, sleep deprivation, noise, physical exhaustion and generally ask why they are in Las Vegas.

Favorite moment from CES: Podtrac Bloghaus in the early years where the combination of killer bandwidth and great food helped make the 22 hour days a little more tolerable.

Interesting fact: My roots in technology run deep. My ham radio Elmer (Tom Eakle W4JG ),  a contemporary of Marconi, was first on the air in 1904.

Expectations of CES 2011: Looking for Internet Television and mobile devices of interest for active RV’ers.