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Crosley Breaks From Tradition with Component-Style Turntables

crosley-directdriveIn 2016 it may seem strange to be reading about turntables, but the interest in vinyl has been growing in popularity the past few years. With that trend, it’s good to be a company like Crosley who has specialized in turntables since they were founded.

The company has been known for their self-contained turntable systems, occasionally featured in movies, but as the industry reemerges, there is demand from customers for a traditional component-style turntable. This year, they are showing off several, including one prototype for a future model.

The C10 belt-driven table is available for $399, the C100 belt-driven table is available for $199, the C200 direct drive table is available for $279, and the C20 prototype is hoping for a 2017 release.

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ION has Gadgets for Many Types of People, Whether You’re Musical or Practical

ION Duo Deck Portable Turntable
ION Duo Deck Portable Turntable
ION introduced a bunch of products at the 2013 International CES. Some of the highlights include the DuoDeck, which is small and extremely portable turntable, where the vinyl record is larger than the device itself. This gadget is great for sampling, runs on batteries or USB power and needs no additional wires or drivers to work.


Something else ION debuted at CES was AirCopy, a world’s first and something that makes you wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner. It’s a wireless scanner that generates its own Wi-Fi network so users can send any image over to their tablet or computer without needing to connect to an actual Internet network, or without having to load them into a computer, then sideload them to a mobile device. Call up the app from any device, slide the document in and off you go. It simply runs off a rechargeable battery that can charge via USB and gives you about four hours of use time in about half the time to charge and it works across almost every platform, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.