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Netatmo June: Wearable Technology Jewelry Monitors Sun Exposure

Netatmo June
Netatmo June

You may see a bracelet, but its really a piece of technology. Amanda Garnier of Netatmo joined us on the TPN CES live broadcast. She was showing off their newest product called June – a sun exposure monitor.

June will give you personalized sun protection advice based on your skin type. Camille Toupet – a Harry Winston and Louis Vuitton collaborator – has taken on this project to make wearable technology look like something you want to wear. The bracelet has a metal alloy crystal-like face, and on the bottom houses the USB port to connect to a smartphone. You wear this bracelet and it will record how much UV light you are getting.

“We really wanted to make a beautiful object that women would want to wear on their day-to-day lives,” says Amanda Garnier.”This isn’t for just the beach or on vacation — this is for everyday. So what makes us unique is we really take the wearables to that design place. A lot of women coming by saying they would wear even if it didn’t do anything.”

The bracelet centerpiece is high-quality UV sensors. The wearable can be taken off the strap and worn on the body — as long as the sensor is exposed to the sun. Using Bluetooth LE, it sends information to the app. You fill information in the app beforehand – hair color, eye color – to get your skin type and what the exposure would do. 100% is a sunburn.

Most interesting, it makes you aware of how your skin gets exposed throughout the day. At any time you could get burned, even if you don’t think you’ve been out in the sun that long.

June will be coming our right before summer for $99. To get a Weather station, check out Amazon.  For more information check out netatmo.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Don Baine of The Gadget Professor