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Maicat from Macroact is a realistic robotic cat companion @ CES 2021

Macroact MaicatCompanionship is an important part of life, and for many, a pet can be the perfect companion. However, for a variety of reasons, not everyone can or will have a pet. Some people have allergies, some are scared, and others live in a controlled environment. In these cases, and others, an artificial companion can help overcome the challenges. Macroact has a robotic cat, Maicat, to help fill this void.

Macroact is a robotic startup which is combining artificial intelligence with robotics but focuses on very specialized markets. The first of their adaptive robots, Maicat, is a companion robot that is designed to behave and interact like a cat. This is done without sending the robot into the uncanny valley, so it is compelling and cute.

While other companion robotic animals have been created before, Maicat separates itself in size. It is about two-thirds the size of its competitors, making it a more manageable device. In addition, Maicat features autonomous motion control and 21 actuators, allowing it to interact with the people and objects around it more similar to a real cat. Thanks to its integrated environment detection system, it is also able to know its environment and avoid obstacles in its path.

Like a real cat, Maicat learns from your unique interaction with it, including using voice and facial recognition and sentiment analysis, and determines the perceived intent, both positive and negative, of each action. The robot also develops its own unique emotional rhythmic cycle and uses that to respond to external stimuli with each interaction. This means that, like a real cat, each time you interact with it, the experience will be different. This will obviously make the experiences more diverse and fun.

One clear use for this technology, as pointed out by Christopher Jordan, is for helping to teach a younger child about pets. Rather than the child learning the hard way through scratches or bites that certain activities are inappropriate, Maicat can help instead. To learn more and find out when it becomes available, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Combat Creatures – Your Own Battlebot

Affordable Play With Robot Warriors

Combat Creatures Logo

Combat Creatures introduced WiFi controllable remote toys  called Attacknids . Introduced in 2012, the toys have been a big hit and have been featured on the David Letterman show, Fox News, and many gadget shows.

The units can be armed with Nerf missiles, Ping Pong ball cannon, flying disk ammo and roving crab-walk shields, and  provide some of the thrills of the old Comedy Central Battlebot series at an affordable price.


TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews

Whee Me: Robot that Massages Your Back

Whee Me
Whee Me

I sat down and talked with Cobi about Dream Bots and Whee Me. Whee Me is a massage robot that helps relax the back, buttocks and legs. Whee Me can  work its way around the back without falling off. The wheels, tentacles lightly touch the body to bring out relaxing feelings. Whee Me also will vibrate to loosen muscles and relax you.

Dream Bots is a company that makes items such as Whee Me.

Cobi talks about how they have other projects getting ready for release although nothing he can specifically talk about.

Whee Me is sold in Europe and is available online in the US for $69. (www.wheeme.com)


Moneual Silver Care Robot

Targeted at independent living for older people, Moneual‘s Silver Care Robot is an air purifier that moves around the home to clean the air and improve the air quality, much like a Roomba does for dirt. But the robot also monitors the vital signs of an owner who is wearing wristwatch-type monitor. In the event of emergency, the robot can summon assistance via a wireless internet connection.

Built on Microsoft’s Windows 7 with a touch screen, the user can access simple functions such as playing music or making a voip call.

Available later in 2011 for over $8000.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Geek News Central.

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