RoboEatz ARK 3 automates the kitchen of a restaurant @ CES 2021

RoboEatz robotic kitchenFor small restaurants around the world, like most businesses, one of the largest costs is payroll. The real problem for restaurants is that margins are usually razor thin. Over the past few years, many restaurants, especially here in the United States, have been looking at what can be done to reduce payroll costs. Many fast food and chain restaurants have added ordering kiosks and at-table computers. However, the place that could really reduce cost is in the kitchen. In addition to the cost of labor, there is also food waste. RoboEatz has developed a robot that can help with both of these issues – the ARK 3.

The RoboEatz ARK 3 is a full kitchen automation system that can replace the kitchen staff and equipment of almost any restaurant. It takes up only 200 square feet and can serve 1000 meals without needing to be replenished. That replenishment process is also easy, as the system is able to use its sensors to determine when supplies are needed and place the order itself.

The first concern of any restaurant owner is the ability to maintain their menu and customer relationship. Implementing new technology that ruins your brand image is not going to be a win. ARK 3 allows you to create and fully customize your recipes, meaning you can keep your food exactly as it is. Even better, through the system’s mobile app, customers and servers can easily adjust their order, including ordering partial portions.

On top of the cooking process, ARK 3 also takes care of all of the cleanup. In fact, the process takes place between each and every order, eliminating cross contamination. This means that it can prepare and cook regular dishes and vegan dishes without any issues.

The company is currently working to build a prototype restaurant to show off the robot, while also working with other restaurants to implement the technology in the future. For more information on the ARK 3, check out the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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