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Chevy Turns Car into Hotspot, Brings Appstore into Car

Chevy App Shop
Chevy App Shop

I stopped by the Chevy booth at CES to find out what was going on for 2014. Chevy made two announcements — the hotspot car and the Chevy app store called App Shop. Both of these help you stay connected while driving across the country while having great programs at your fingertips when needed.

The hotspot car uses Chevy’s OnStar system  to communicate back and forth. With the OnStar subscription, you not only have the car as a hotspot, but your Chevy vehicle will even have its own phone number. You can definitely connect your own phone via bluetooth, but that is not needed.

Chevy also debuted their app store at CES. You won’t be able to play Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but you will be able to load apps to help you navigate and enjoy the ride. Twelve apps are available at start (Chevy will have an open API for developers) including Pandora, Glympse, Event seeker, and even Priceline (William Shatner rides with you in a Chevy…)

These features will be available in all 2015 Chevy vehicles.


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

Pioneer Car Electronics: It’s ALL About Connectivity

App Radio Now iOS and Android

With over 20 years of CES experience, Pioneer’s Harry Krol’s enthusiasm for the show and Pioneer products has been undiminished. For 2012, Pioneer Car Electronics is emphasizing connectivity through technologies like Bluetooth, HD Radio, in dash navigation systems, and connectivity to iPhone or iPod. Selected applications are available on a new in-dash unit on “App Radio” – a much bigger multitouch touchscreen monitor that replicates an interface that is almost identical to how you interact on your phone. It includes “Find a Parking Spot” apps, and access to your entire media library that is already on your smartphone.  App Radio 2, introduced at CES2012, adds full Android support.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallinof SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.