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Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Mini and iPad Air is ULTIMATE!

372.jpg e1399953102224 300x231 Belkins QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Mini and iPad Air is ULTIMATE!Belkin, one of the world’s top technology company for nearly 30 years, shared the ultimate keyboard case for iPad Mini and iPad Air at CES 2014.

Also known as the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case, the new Belkin keyboard case is especially designed for iPad Air. It is a fully-protective case that protects your iPad from all angles and sides; it has three magnetically secure viewing angles so that you can tap your iPad all day long and not having to worry about it falling over.

It also allows you to adjust your iPad at a multiple angles, making the viewing angles even more secure and giving you a comfortable typing experience no matter where you’re at.

The battery life on this new keyboard case is 220+ hours of type time but idle, it can last up to six months. Besides the adjustable angle, Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case also has an auto wake magnet, which turns your iPad off or on when you close or opens your iPad. It’s also a Bluetooth keyboard so it automatically syncs when you open it and prop the iPad up. No more On-Off switch button just so you can start typing up! When you’re ready to type, simply open your keyboard case and you’re good to go.

Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case offers the best typing experience. The keys are well-spaced and responsive, giving you a natural typing experience as you would on your laptop or PC. It’s also lightweight; even lighter than the iPad itself. Don’t want to use the keyboard? No need to pull your iPad out. All you have to do is fold it up and use it as you would normally use an iPad and not having to worry about unexpectedly typing anything as you’re playing with your iPad.

Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case comes in two colors—black and silver white—and currently retails for $129.99. Learn more from Belkin.

Pelican Pro Gear Introduces iPad Vault Hard Cases

pelican-2Michael Garcen of Pelican joins us on the TPN CES live broadcast. Pelican has announced at CES they are getting into the mobility with iPad Air and mini cases.

Pelican has a fully enclosed iPad case. The case comes with a built-in screen protector (not a separate item). This will protect from 6 foot falls, using military drop test procedures.

With iPads becoming a part of police, fire, medical, industrial, and other professions with hard-use, a good protective case will keep the devices safe. These cases also bring water and dust-resistant, shock resistant protection to your mobile device.

Currently for iPads and iPhones, with Samsung Galaxy 5 coming soon.  Get Pelican Vault Now via Amazon or visit Pelican.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast