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Temp Traq Brings Parents Peace of Mind When Kids Are Sick

Parents stay up all night worrying about sick children and their fevers. Temp Traq alleviates some of the anxiety with their child temperature tracking and monitoring tool.

TempTraqHealth Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic visited the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas and checked out the exiting trends in health technology including the brand new Temp Traq device. Jamie interviewed John Gannon, President and CEO of TempTraq.com about the new device that attaches like a band-aid to a child so they can sleep and rest comfortably while their parents monitor their fever from close by.

As a health care professional and a parent, I know the anxiety experienced by parents when their young children are sick. The Temp Traq tool and accompanying smart phone app for iOS and Android provides a seamless solution to helping that parent or caregiver take care of the sick child with a fever. I could even see similar technology making its way into the health care workplace to monitor patients remotely with minimally invasive technologies like the Temp Traq.

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