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QuardioArm, QuardioCore Measures Blood Pressure, ECG

quardio-2Marco Peluso of Quardio joins us on the TPN CES live stream. Quardio introduced QuardioArm and QuardioCore products to capture more information about your heart. The QuardioArm is a blood pressure monitor while the core is a piece you set on your chest. It acts similar to a ECG monitor.

Using secure cloud storage, your health data is stored and can be seen by you, friends, family, or a health care professional.

Quardio is HIPPA compliant. The core has a rechargeable battery you plug in for a few hours a day.

QuardioCore will be available in June for $449. The QuardioArm is $99 and available for pre-sale

To find out more, check out getQuardio.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Don Baine of The Gadget Professor with help of Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

The iHealth Blood Pressure monitor is part of a series of app connected tools that improve a person’s health awareness. Adam from iHealth talks to Jamie Davis, the Podmedic about these home health devices.


The iHealth Blood Pressure monitor is an FDA approved product and is now in its second generation with wireless bluetooth connectivity allowing connection to more mobile devices via a wider array of app offerings. This makes it a great option for families who want or need to monitor their blood pressure on a more regular basis.

Cloud or App Based Health Tracking

The application from iHealth comes with a free cloud service that allows you to store data online for retrieval later on a web browser instead of the mobile device. Via the app or the cloud, all of the data can be tracked and trended to give users a view of health progress and changes over time.

The iHealth suite of health monitoring tools is available now from a variety of retailers.

Video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic from Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).