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AblePlanet Gamers Choice: Gaming Headphones for XBox with Linx Technology

ableplanetAbleplanet won several awards for voice intelligability. In 2006 they introduced Linx technology (a three-tone harmonic to let you hear signals). Since then, gamers wanted to get that same technology in their headsets. That is where Gamers Choice comes in.

This is a series of modular headphones. They come in 8 colors – Purple, red, orange, blue and more. This is completely modular so if you are on a PS3, you plug into the 3.5 inch jack. If you are on PC, there is an adapter. If you are an XBox gamer, plug in the USB dongle to use it. Change the plug and you can use it to listen to music.

Ableplanet’s Gamers Choice starts around $100. (www.ableplanet.com)


Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Nicholas Dimeo of F5 Live

AblePlanet Lets Users Hear Things Like Never Before

Able Planet True Fidelity PS400BG
Able Planet True Fidelity PS400BG

AblePlanet, the winner of over 30 CES Innovations Awards, has created a technology called Linx Audio, which is a technology that passively filters out undesirable noise and reduces distortion. This allows users to hear more of the sounds they want but at a much lower decibel range.


From personal amplification systems and noise cancellation headphones to gaming headsets and even extremely affordable solutions, all members of the family can benefit from AblePlanet’s patented technologies. The company even offers a new gadget not seen before in portable headphones, an in-line balance adjuster. For those who are hard of hearing in one ear more than the other, this discrete cord simply shifts the sound to center it across your ears comfortably, without amplifying one side and damaging your good ear. AblePlanet seems to have the consumer’s health in mind as their first priority.

Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.