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Kapture Audio Recording Wristband hands-on review

Kapture Audio Recording Wristband is designed to grab the last 60 seconds of any audio and save it off to your mobile device for sharing, editing or your own personal revisiting later. We dig into features, functions, privacy, quality and the application in this review.

I love the design and look overall of the Kapture Audio Recording Wristband. It really is not much higher than some of the large watches now. It is definitely as thin as the medium watches. The look itself and the ability to change the band or just the grill on the face makes it stand out. I went with the black band all the time and played with the covers they sent over. Now what is missing from the design?

I have to agree that some more function is needed via the Kapture Audio interface. I know they were trying to go without any buttons but it seems everyone wants a button. I can see the need to maybe have a simple switch that pauses (for security reasons) it or even shuts it down. Something more in the LED area would be great for status. And for gosh sakes if I am wearing this instead of a watch I need to tell time, Even audibly. (Misfit Shine does this on their device with a double tap if you want).
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CES 2014: Flir One Personal Thermal Imager with IdoNotes

Chris Miller (IdoNotes) took a look at the future of personal thermal imagery devices with the FLIR ONE™ at CES 2014. There are many practical and fun ways to use the Flir One that we explore in the video interview.  First, a quick description of what the Flir One does straight from their website:

FLIR ONE™ is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on your phone screen and perform temperature calculations.

The FLIR ONE™ is a case that comes in three colors for your iPhone with the thermal imaging portion easily detachable.  It utilizes it’s own internal battery supply. It weighs in at 3.2 ounces and currently fits the iPhone 5 and 5s only.  Android cases are expected later in 2014.

From using your phone for hide and seek in total darkness to checking your child’s temperature, this looks like an amazingly useful addition to your phone.

Video summary by Chris Miller (IdoNotes) of Spiked Studio.


CES 2014: Neptune Pine Smartwatch with IdoNotes

Chris Miller (IdoNotes) talked to the CEO of Neptune, Simon Tian, and got some hands on time with the new Neptune Pine Smartwatch at CES 2014.  A new section on smartwatch technology was made at CES 2014 that brought most of the smartwatch exhibitors together in one area. Chris had this area as a mission as part of his CES 2014 coverage.  Chris talked to the CEO of Neptune, Simon Tian, and got some hands on time with the new Neptune Pine.

Chris had previously interviewed ( YouTube interview) the CTO, Aaron Wilkins, to cover all of the Pine Smartwatch technical specifications. This time we see the working devices and talk color, phone networks and numerous capabilities.

Video summary by Chris Miller (IdoNotes) of Spiked Studio.


CES 2014: visit CES Unveiled with IdoNotes

CES 2014 Unveiled is a chance to get an early look at close to 100 exhibitors and what they will be launching as the week of CES continues.  Chris Miller (IdoNotes) visits the show floor and gives you a video summary.

Chris breaks the exhibitors down into what appeared to be five major group areas complete with pictures and commentary. See everything from home automation, phone cases, audio, health to just plain stuff.

Video summary by Chris Miller (IdoNotes) of Spiked Studio.

Chris Miller of IdoNotes and Spiked Studio – CES 2014 host introduction

Hello everyone, I am Chris Miller of Spiked Studios and better known as IdoNotes on over 300 social networks.  I will be live with the TPN team at CES 2014 covering the tech that makes your daily life easier.

I will be focusing this year on wearable tech like smart watches, portable power to home automation.  I focus on how technology is useful from the eyes of you, the consumer, not vendor hype.

I have already begun reviewing some of the new technology you will find at CES 2014, courtesy of some of the companies that will be present. You can also subscribe to and see all the product reviews from Spiked Studio.

Feel free to connect with me across any social network as IdoNotes.