Kapture Audio Recording Wristband hands-on review

Kapture Audio Recording Wristband is designed to grab the last 60 seconds of any audio and save it off to your mobile device for sharing, editing or your own personal revisiting later. We dig into features, functions, privacy, quality and the application in this review.

I love the design and look overall of the Kapture Audio Recording Wristband. It really is not much higher than some of the large watches now. It is definitely as thin as the medium watches. The look itself and the ability to change the band or just the grill on the face makes it stand out. I went with the black band all the time and played with the covers they sent over. Now what is missing from the design?

I have to agree that some more function is needed via the Kapture Audio interface. I know they were trying to go without any buttons but it seems everyone wants a button. I can see the need to maybe have a simple switch that pauses (for security reasons) it or even shuts it down. Something more in the LED area would be great for status. And for gosh sakes if I am wearing this instead of a watch I need to tell time, Even audibly. (Misfit Shine does this on their device with a double tap if you want).

We need a power indicator!! The way it tries to signal you with the light and vibration just isn’t enough. I thought I was saving a Kapture by accident once and it was really running out of battery. Also the color choices for full battery, etc are backwards to me. Red is full? Green blinking is ready? How about solid green while on charger full, green blinking ready. Orange solid transferring Kapture to device, orange blink pairing. red/green blink on but low battery. We have choices here man!! 🙂

The Kapture Audio app is pretty straightforward about setting up as I cover. The ability to make them public and findable is awesome. I need the ability to embed these into blog posts or something to make them valuable to the world though.

Editing was cool and the built in filters needed in the Kapture Audio application. However, the mic quality really needs work. I do not think it was the firmware but the actual mic that sounded muffled. You can hear the mic I am wearing for the review and then a direct saved Kapture. The difference is pretty large. I also tried this in some large and loud venues and it overran the mic ability.

Kapture Audio Wristband logo

Overall, the Kapture Audio Recording Wristband. has great promise. it scares the heck out of some people and businesses. Even though everyone has a phone that records audio and video in their pocket or on the table. I mean what scares them is that it is on the wrist I think. More than what it can do. I hope the version 2 and some firmware update really take this thing to the next capability and function. Great start Kapture.

You can get this on their website and Amazon at http://idonot.es/kaptureaudio . Please see all the product reviews on the IdoNotes blog and subscribe to the SpikedStudio channel or product review playlist on YouTube