EXANODIA: Pioneering AI for enhanced mechanical testing @ CES 2024

EXANODIA mechanical testingNearly every industry uses machinery. The success of those machines is crucial to the functioning of the business in that industry. For example, everything that is mass-produced has a failure rate. Machines that are used for any period could fail. Being able to test machinery to ensure proper behavior is essential. EXANODIA is automating the process of testing machines to prevent future issues.

EXANODIA’s testing automation

AI software has revolutionized various industries, and one area where it has made significant advancements is in industrial inspection. Houcine Mansour, Founder and CEO of EXANODIA, discusses how AI software developed by the company, the first French pure player in non-destructive testing, is improving the process of detecting defects in mechanical equipment.

In the medical field, medical imaging is used to detect pathologies in the human body. Similarly, in industries such as nuclear power plants, oil and gas refineries, and aerospace, it is crucial to inspect equipment for defects. This is where EXANODIA’s AI software comes into play. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the software can automatically detect defects in the equipment, making the inspection process more efficient and reliable.

AI improves testing results

The key advantage of AI software in industrial inspection is its ability to address the shortage of human resources. With a limited number of human operators available, it becomes challenging to meet the demands of non-destructive testing and inspection. EXANODIA’s software aims to alleviate this issue by assisting human operators in inspecting equipment more rapidly and with better quality results, all at a lower cost.

While Don questions whether AI is better than human operators, the focus of EXANODIA’s software is not to replace humans but to augment their capabilities. Due to the scarcity of human resources, operators may lack the necessary competencies and expertise to detect defects accurately and efficiently. By training the AI models using the knowledge and expertise of experienced operators, EXANODIA’s software can provide better quality results compared to less-trained individuals.

EXANODIA’s first product

During the CES event, EXANODIA showcased its first software, which detects defects in radiographic images. Similar to how a physician examines a radiograph of the human body, EXANODIA’s software can analyze radiographic images of equipment and automatically identify defects. This technology has applications in various industries, including nuclear, oil and gas, and aerospace.

The conversation also highlights that EXANODIA’s software is currently in the proof-of-concept stage, with plans to partner with large companies in the industrial sector for implementation. The purpose of their presence at CES is to connect with potential partners and investors who can help scale up their technology and develop it further to meet specific industry needs.

The significance of AI software in industrial inspection lies in its potential to cut bottlenecks in the manufacturing and maintenance processes. By streamlining the inspection and testing procedures, companies can save time, reduce costs, and enhance safety. This technology offers a synergy between the capabilities of AI and the requirements of industries, making it a valuable tool for improving industrial inspection practices.


In conclusion, the use of AI software in industrial inspection has the potential to revolutionize the way defects are detected in mechanical equipment. EXANODIA’s software exemplifies this by providing faster and more reliable results, addressing the shortage of human resources, and offering cost-effective solutions. As the industry continues to embrace AI technology, the future of industrial inspection looks promising with increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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