Whispp is bringing language back to those with disabilities @ CES 2023

Whispp Voice Enhancement TechnologyFor many people, natural speech can be a challenge. Whether it be because of a stutter or throat cancer, speaking becomes an uncomfortable thing to do. But, through modern technology, there are solutions to help people overcome their speech limitations. Whispp has brought out a technology to help bring natural and normal volume speech capabilities to millions of users.

What is Whispp?

Whispp is a speech recognition technology that can convert whispered or vocal cord impaired speech into natural, normal volume speech. This technology works in real-time to provide users with an audible and comfortable speaking experience that they can be proud of. With its incredible accuracy, the system is making it easier for people with speech disabilities to express themselves freely and confidently.

At Whispp, the company is dedicated to providing our users with the best speech technology available. They strive to empower people with speech disabilities and help them speak freely, audibly, and confidently. With the technology, millions of users can now express themselves without fear or limitation.

How Does Whispp Work?

Whispp works by using an algorithm that takes in whispered or vocal cord impaired speech and converts it into natural, normal volume sound. This technology also allows users to customize the output of their voices so that they can have control over how they are heard. In addition, the system supports both natural speech and whispered input.

When out and about, the system uses a microphone plugged into a smartphone to gather audio from the user. For one on one conversations, the listener would likely wear an earbud. But, in a group, you can also use the speaker on the phone as an output. For making calls, users simply use the Whispp app to initiate the call and the technology continues to work.

The software is also available for the desktop, bringing the natural processing to other platforms. Once installed, Whispp can enhance audio on systems like Teams and Slack, or even Skype and Discord.

What Are the Benefits of Whispp?

Using Whispp can bring many benefits to people with a voice disorder or stutter. When using this particular technology, users are able to express themselves clearly and confidently without worrying about being misunderstood or misheard. In addition, Whispp can help reduce the social stigma associated with voice disorders or stutters as it allows people to feel more comfortable speaking without fear of embarrassment. Finally, it also offers increased privacy and noise reduction features so that users don’t have to worry about disturbing others while they are speaking.

Everyone should have access to an accessible and comfortable speaking experience. That is why the company strives to provide users with the best technology available – one that can make a real difference in their lives. With Whispp, no one should ever feel limited when it comes to expressing themselves and communicating with others.


Whispp’s technology is available on the market today for both mobile and desktop platforms. To learn more about the technology or to try it out for yourself, you can go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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