Sedimentum brings privacy, safety and security to your home @ CES 2023

Sedimentum Private Aging in PlaceAs we get older, it gets more difficult to live on our own. In addition to actual hazards, family concerns can make it even more difficult – for us and our families. Making sure our siblings and children are comfortable and safe can add stress to someone trying to live their lives as normally as possible. Fortunately, thanks to Sedimentum, we’ve now got technology that can take both of those stresses off of the aging population to allow them to live on their own longer than before.

What is Sedimentum?

Sedimentum is a company dedicated to making it easier for the aging population to live on their own longer without having to give up their safety and comfort. The company makes a platform that allows an individual to age in place while providing themselves with safety and their families with security. They are not the first to offer these abilities, but they do appear to be the first to place a large focus on the individual’s privacy, as well as their safety.

The platform itself is designed to be able to monitor a home with only a few small devices around the house. In fact, to be able to track and monitor the inhabitants and to learn their schedules, the system does not even require that there be a device in every room – only the ones that are most frequented. The company will help design the system for the house and then install the entire setup for you – no need to understand any of the more detailed aspects of the system.

Using these devices and the technology within, the system is able to put together a profile of the people living in the house. Using that data, it is able to look for breaches of the patterns. These changes can indicate a number of things, including injury, illness, and more. It can also detect falls and other physical differences.

Once a change is detected, different responses can happen. The person can indicate that all is clear, and nothing will happen. Otherwise, a call can be made, either to emergency services or a local family member. From there, someone can check in on the person in trouble.

How is the Sedimentum system private?

Unlike most systems like this, Sedimentum does not power its learning and monitoring system on cameras. Instead, it does it with other, less obtrusive sensors. This allows people to live their lives normally without fear that family, friends, or strangers might see them. Also, they needn’t worry about someone looking in on them visually when they are at their most vulnerable.

While this might seem like it would hinder the ability of the system to learn and detect patterns and behaviors, the company says that they are just as capable of making sure your loved one is safe and secure without the cameras.


Sedimentum technology is available in parts of Europe now and will be launching in the US soon. To learn more about the system and how to get signed up for yourself, you can check out the company’s website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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