Algorized allows you to see people even through walls @ CES 2023

Algorized Human Presence DetectionTechnology can seemingly always surprise us, especially at CES 2023. One company that has developed a surprising piece of technology is Algorized, whose new product essentially allows product developers to allow their products to see through walls. While this might seem like a hack in Call of Duty, the technology is real, and it is spectacular.

What is Algorized?

Algorized is a Swiss-based start-up, that developed new advanced sensing technology that is accurate enough to identify people and other objects through walls. Algorized’s solution enables chip makers and manufacturers to provide UWB-enabled technology to detect people and objects as well as vital signs monitoring, see-through walls, underground, and for communications and includes advanced algorithms.

The technology doesn’t show direct and detailed photos of the people on the other side of the wall. However, what it can do is show essentially an advanced shadow of what is there. In addition to seeing the outlined image, users can also see biometric information about people on the other side, including heart rate, without being in the same room or touching the person with technology.

The technology is based on highly optimized software and AI-powered algorithms. In fact, these algorithmic dependencies are where the name Algorized comes from. The company says that “Algorized” is the company’s name, metaphor, and mantra, leading the vision for how they approach developing solutions for customer problems. Taking advantage of sophisticated software algorithms allows the company to develop solutions. In this case, the solution is a sensor array and software combo that allows for the location, identification, and monitoring of people on the other side of solid objects.

Who is Algorized designed for?

Algorized technology is built for application in a variety of fields from people safety, greener buildings, and life-saving technologies to autonomous vehicles, and human-machine interaction. Algorized brings the ability to detect through walls to the next level in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Of course, the technology is not intended to be a direct-to-consumer device. Instead, it is intended to be built into other products to enhance those products’ capabilities. Take, for example, a device intended to locate and identify people after a tragedy. These devices usually use technology like LiDAR and heat sensing to locate people in a pile of rubble following a building collapse. By including the Algorized technology, they can enhance the ability to locate and identify missing people.

Another interesting concept is being able to monitor the vital statistics of a patient that is being quarantined without having to physically interact with the patient. Doctors could keep track of the condition of the patient without putting themselves or even the patient in any additional danger, and without having to change out devices or be in the same room as the patient.

Of course, there are a lot of additional uses for the technology. If you have a product that could benefit from the Algorized system or you want more information about how it works, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Don Baine, The Gadget Professor.

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