Fluent.ai: The future of natural speech recognition @ CES 2022

Fluent.ai voice recognitionIf you have a smart speaker, or you use the assistant on your phone, you know just how hard it can be to get it to understand what you want. Either it misunderstands what you have said or you didn’t use the very robotic language it was expecting. For a person, the difference between “turn on Neon” and “power on Neon” are exactly the same, but Alexa may only understand one of them. But, with technology from Fluent.ai, that could be a thing of the past.

What is Fluent.ai?

Fluent.ai is at the forefront of natural speech recognition technology. That’s why Flunt.ai’s speech recognition technology is so important. With Flunt.ai, you can simply speak into your phone to send a text or make a call. Fluent’s patented speech-to-intent technology runs fully offline in a small footprint, low power devices and can support any language or accent. This makes Fluent a perfect solution for consumer device OEMs looking to provide an intuitive and private-by-design voice user interface for any device or application!

Their offline, noise-robust speech recognition can support any language and accent. Speech is transcribed to text in the cloud, which is then analyzed by natural language processing to determine intent. This technology is important because it provides a way for people to interact with their devices without having to type or touch them. This can be extremely useful in many situations, such as when you’re driving or when your hands are full.

If you’re interested in using Flunt.ai’s technology, you can sign up for their free Developer Edition. This will give you access to their SDK and API so that you can start building your own voice-enabled applications. You can also check out their website for more information on their products and services.

Fluent.ai works offline?

Yes! This is a great feature because it means that you don’t have to be connected to the internet in order to use it. This can be very useful in situations where you might not have an internet connection, such as when you’re on a plane or in a rural area. It also gives the ability to use the technology in secure areas where connected devices are not allowed.

Take, for example, a manufacturing cleanroom. Connected devices are not allowed in these areas because they can introduce vectors of attack and IP theft into the environment. However, with Flunt.ai’s technology, you can still use voice commands to control machinery and other equipment in the cleanroom. This is a great way to increase efficiency and safety in these environments.

What languages does it support?

Fluent.ai supports any language or accent, making it a great choice for global companies. This is because their technology can be used by anyone, regardless of their language or accent. This makes Fluent a perfect choice for OEMs looking to provide an intuitive and private-by-design voice user interface for any device or application!


If you’re interested in learning more about Flunt.ai, be sure to check out their website! You can also sign up for their free Developer Edition to get access to their SDK and API. This will allow you to start building your own voice-enabled applications!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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