Reflexion trains athletes’ brains to improve performance @ CES 2021

Reflexion Flex sports cognitive trainingWhen we think of professional athletes, we can immediately imagine the amount of work that goes into training. The long days in the gym to improve their bodies, and then even more time on the field, court, or rink in order to improve their specific sport performance. Nearly every professional athlete or Olympian has a similar story of doing this since childhood. But, there is an aspect of the body that is generally ignored, which Reflexion looks to solve.

The part of the brain that is far too often overlooked is the brain. This is despite the major impact the brain can have on performance. Take, for example, Tom Brady, who just took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly 2 decades. Sure, he’s the greatest football player of all time, but part of that is because of his reactions. Not only does he move quickly and throw with accuracy, but he can also read the field quickly to make decisions on what to do.

Brady credits his quick response time to regular cognitive training, which is the technology that Reflexion has been developing and deploying as Reflexion Flex. The company’s technology is specifically designed to improve sports performance in competition. The company’s solution uses a touchscreen lightboard and cloud-based software to create interactive training games and activities.

The responses to those activities are logged and analyzed to determine areas that need improvement. These can be decision making, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, or reaction time. Activities in the future will then be run to help improve those areas of performance.

Reflexion has been working with athletes directly in private, but is releasing the platform to the public. The Reflexion Flex is available now through Dick’s Sporting Goods and runs $3499.99.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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