Find a Great Personal Trainer That’s Right for You

Vent-UpVent Up is a platform that is created for personal trainers, clients and gyms. It’s like the “ride sharing” of personal trainers and combines features found in apps like Yelp with others found in apps like Instagram for things like videos, photos’s and certifications.

Vent Up, through it’s mobile app V-Training, provides personal trainers a proper database of clients, and makes it easy for clients to find the gym/trainer that is right for them. Features include an in app messaging system as well as access to native emails with PDF’s and Videos and push notifications are also available.

Currently available in 10 US cities including LA, San Diego and DC, the company is experiencing a growth rate of about 20% per month in their areas and looking forward to growing into other cities but also with extra features. They are slowly moving towards fashion, so clients can purchase the specific looks that the trainers include in the app and they are also eventually planning on being able to calculate macros from photos that clients snap of their food intake and upload into the app to assist with not only training but also health issues such as diabetes.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play and you can get more information by visiting their website here.

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