THATSpace Can Be Your Amazing Space Out of Your Office

COMPANY LOGOSometimes co-working spaces absolutely don’t work because much of the time it is too expensive and not very efficient hence the formation of THATSpace. It is an extension of the co-working space created for maximum productivity of your business in a space that is adequate and attractive. One of the services that this business provides is an update of your Wi-Fi.

This platform is very beneficial for restaurants, coffee shops and hotel lobbies. It allows the business owner to utilize their space at a time when he is not open for business and still possibly increasing his revenue or at least break even. The client in turn, will become a remote worker, and enable his business to continue when he isn’t in his office.

THATSpace is now operating in Malta in its testing phase. It has plans to expand to London by the end of 2017 and eventually into the US. The cost of this service varies, depending greatly on the location and services provided for the time the space is used.

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