Hunt Down New, Unreleased Music Like a Hipster

Hipster BaitIn an attempt to revive the genre of music we all know and love, HipsterBait has one goal in mind: bringing back rock n roll, one hipster at a time. Their new app engages listeners in a new and exciting way involving a real life treasure hunt to find fresh, unreleased music out in the world. This music discovery game is like a combination of geocaching and Pokémon GO with its full AR experience.

Hipster Bait works by launching the application and viewing the map of your surrounding area. The app provides clues to help you find physical and virtual cassette tapes holding recordings of unreleased rock n roll songs from new artists. Your job is to collect the cassettes, download the music, then rehide what you found, whether virtual or analog. The tapes are originally hidden in major cities around North America.

The Hipster Bait app is looking to launch at the end of the Summer on iOS and Android. Learn more about Hipster Bait by going to their website.

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