TripHobo Lets You Explore the World Like a King

TripHoboPlanning your trip or vacation is getting a big boost with an app called TripHobo. It is essentially a detail planner that helps you to see all the famous and important things you always heard about. It can also lead you to a lot of unknown venues and special places not as well-known, that may very well turn out to be the pinnacle of your trip.

If you don’t care to pre-plan the trip yourself, there are literally millions of published itineraries just waiting for you to use as there are over a million trip plans for over 90,000 cities. These itineraries are available now and they are free to use. The planner is available on the web and the companion app is available for iOS and Android.

This innovative company has been around for 2½ years and is a very exciting addition to the travel planning experience because it connects 2 groups of people: travelers who don’t know and venues who need you to know.

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