You Will Treasure These Futuristic, Intelligent Headphones

VinciEverybody is searching for the perfect pair of headphones that have great sound and a personality of their own. Inspero Inc has done just that with Vinci, the first intelligent headphones that truly understand you. Vinci is considered an all-in-one device and that’s because you have the option to listen to music or content without connecting to your phone or tablet at all. These headphones have local storage that can connect to your Spotify, SoundCloud, or Amazon accounts, 3G Wi-Fi capability, and Bluetooth.

Vinci over-ear headphones are very attractive to the eye with a colorful touch screen that allows you to select your music, speak to Alexa, view your health data, and even just show off cool visuals while you’re listening. They come equipped with GPS sensors and a heart rate sensor.

Vinci is certainly a device that will grow with you the longer you have it. It will learn what you listen to when you feel different emotions or do different activities, will keep a track-record of those moments, and will recommend music that is tailored for you.

Find yours at or find them on Indiegogo (30% off) at the retail price of $149 for the Regular or $299 for the Pro. Get them as early as April!

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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