Charge Your Devices and Organize Your Desk with ChargeHub

chargehubIf you are anything like me, you’ve got lots of battery-powered devices that you use every day: phones, headphones, tablets, keyboards and more. This scenario creates two big problems, though: too many cords plugged into outlets everywhere and devices al over your desk. That is where ChargeHub comes in, helping to solve both of these problems.

The product is theoretically simple: a single place to charge all of your devices. The promise, however, comes from the implementation. A very small device with a lot of power and even more ports allows you to plug the single device into the wall and charge multiple devices. The original puck, available now in multiple colors, charges 7 devices at once, but that is not for everyone.

This year, the company is announcing two smaller versions which charge 3 and 5 devices instead of the 7. These new devices allow for a variety of price points, with $20 for the 3 port, $40 for the 5 port and $60 for the existing 7 port. The new devices should be available in March 2016 directly from the company as well as physical and online retail.

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