Qi Extends Its Capabilities, Powers Kitchen Equipment

QiWirelessPowerFulton Innovation introduced us to the Wireless Power Consortium in 2012, and since then, our team has become big supporters of the Qi wireless power standard. Since its beginnings as an inductive charger for mobile phones, the technology has continued to improve.

Today, the standard supports higher amounts of power transmitted over longer distances than ever before. The Wireless Power Consortium is not complete, though. They showed us a prototype of an enhanced coil that supports 1 kilowatt and can be transferred through a kitchen counter. The same coil will be able to support over 2 kilowatts in the near future.

That type of power is obviously not designed for charging phones and tablets, but instead for powering real-life devices. In their prototype, they use a food processor being entirely powered through the countertop. They even show off controlled amperage levels, which increase and decrease as different modes are chosen, or as the distance from the coil is increased.

The prototype gained the Wireless Power Consortium F5 Live: Refreshing Technology’s TPN Pick Award.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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