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Ride with Style and Hop on a Zboard, the Electric Skateboard

The Zboard, another Eureka Park work of art, is made by Intuitive Motion and is a new, fun way to travel. It’s a skateboard that is powered by a motor, but more importantly, is controlled by your feet. Simply lean on the front foot pad to accelerate and the back foot pad to brake, and how fast or slow you go is all dependant by how hard you press on the pads. The idea for Zboard came to the team while they were brainstorming for their senior project for the University of Southern California. One of the co-founders said he was tired of having bikes being stolen and was over having to push a skateboard around the hills and annoyingly uneven streets of Los Angeles. The Zboard is like a skateboard, except it’s faster and easier to ride, and it’s much more portable than a bicycle. You can reach speeds of up to 17MPH but when you ride it, it makes you feel like The Flash.


Video by Allante Sparks of F5 Live.