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Pebble, Google Glass Apps with Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz app on Pebble watch
Mercedes Benz app on Pebble watch

Mercedes Benz is working with the wearable technology in helping you drive better, safer. People who have a Pebble watch, for example, gives you customized functions via your wrist. You can stop music, change temperature and more — all dependent on what functions you program into the watch.

The Pebble app also contains an alert system. Low fuel, low tire pressure, and emergency issues Pebble will alert you with that. When the iPhone disconnects from the car, the Pebble changes to “Walking mode” so you can view more information. The watch will locate your car for you, tell you if the doors are locked, and a lot more.

Mercedes Benz also has an app for Google Glass, although that app has different functions. The Walking mode is present, but other alerts are suppressed to avoid text and driving issues.

Find out more about Mercedes Benz at mbusa.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine