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My ithlete Shows When to Exercise and When to Rest

My ithlete
My ithlete

Simon Wegerif of ithlete joined Chris and I of the TPN CES live broadcast. ithlete is a program that will help you on monitoring your body before and after a workout. If you are stressed out or not getting enough sleep, your exercise routine might not be as helpful.

The My ithlete program is an accessory app that attaches to your finger. You build up a baseline to give you an idea of how much exercise to do. If you see a green light, its ok to do an intense workout. Red light says you might want to recoup a little more.

The finger sensor was co-developed by the University of Sydney. A published report of the U of Montgomery found the app matched up ECG and medical setup diagnosis for athletes and their workout schedules.

For $85, you can get the sensor and app to start monitoring your vitals. To find out more, check out myithlete.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly