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StickNFind Bluetooth ID Tag System : TPN Best of CES2013

SticknFInd logoIt’s almost unheard of for an IndyGoGo project to raise TEN TIMES the goal – but StickNFind has set the record with thousands of excited people waiting to get their hands on the product. It’s easy to see why. The system is built on a smartphone app that takes a “James Bond” style radar view for any object that has a Stick N Find tag affixed to it, and beeps as you get closer and closer to the object. The system is Bluetooth based, giving a range of a few hundred feet – but the smart phone app can adapt to a number of use scenarios. For example if a pet or child goes out of the range, it can immediately set an alarm. If an object comes into range (for example, luggage on an airline carousel) an alarm can sound. Plus, multiple tags can be observed by the same system. We were so impressed with this product that we gave it the highest honor – the TPN Best of Show for CES2013.
TPN Interview by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews and Jaime Davis, .