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Qardio Brings Trio of Health Devices to CES

Qardio LogoIf CES 2016 was any indicator, personal health technology is turning into a quickly expanding market. Manufacturers are introducing all kinds of new and innovative products to help us better understand what’s going on inside our bodies. One such company is Qardio.

Qardio CTO Rosario Iannella stopped by the booth to talk with Todd and Don about three new products: The QardioArm, the QardioBase, and the QardioCore.

QardioArm is a cuff-style blood pressure monitor that goes over a user’s upper arm. The monitor works similarly to a traditional style blood pressure monitor. QardioArm sends readings wirelessly to a smart phone app where they can be stored and shared. QardioArm is currently on the market for $99.

Next up is the impressive full-body scale, the QardioBase. This device is like your old bathroom scale pushed to the max. QardioBase conducts a super low-voltage current thru the person standing on it and uses that current to measure things like body water, body fat, bone composition and more. Qardio has done extensive testing on QardioBase to ensure its accuracy. The base can share its measurements with other devices, connecting over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The device is currently available for purchase at a price of $199.

Last but definitely not least we have QardioCore, a wearable EKG monitor. Unlike traditional personal EKG’s, QardioCore uses a strap to hold itself into place, as opposed to an adhesive patch. The device has built-in accelerometers that help to ensure the device is placed properly onto the user’s body. QardioCore will be available later this year and it’s expected to sell for $499.

Don Baine is the Gadget Professor and he holds classes at TheGadgetProfessor.com.

Todd Cochrane is the host of the twice weekly Geek News Central Podcast which can be found at GeekNewsCentral.com

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