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iRig PRO and iRig PRE for remote podcast recording with iOS or Android from IK Multimedia at CES2014

iRigPRO_PR_02IK Multimedia, a company staffed with talented musicians that was first known for their Abbey Road console, presents an awesome little device at CES 2014 that will allow you to connect your professional microphone to your iOS devices for a nice digital connection.

First off, the iRig PRO—a digital interface of iOS devices and Mac that has three inputs; one for 1/4″, MIDI, and XLR so essentially, if you are a podcaster, you plug in your microphone and go directly into your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or your Mac and be able to record with it. IK has a different recording applications that you can use that will go well with iRig PRO one — the iRig Recorder, a digital audio support that comes in Free and Paid app, and VocalLive, which features 12 real-time professional voice effects. As long as your iOS device is running, all you have to do is plug your microphone into your device, run it through the iRig PRO, and do your podcast. You don’t even need to plug it in anywhere, and you can simply put your iOS device in your pocket and let the iRig PRO and the apps take its course.

If you want to use your Mac instead of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can connect your iRig PRO through your Mac through its USB port.

Essentially, all you need is plug in your XLR for your microphone, turn on the phantom power and start using it on your device. With the iRig PRO, you can connect using the three different connectors available, depending on what your device is. In addition, iRig PRO also has a monitoring system that allows you to monitor to headphones or a live system such as the iLive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having latency issues when using iRig PRO.

If you are using an older iOS device with a 30-pin connector or an Android device that needs an analog connection instead of the digital, however, IK Multimedia offers the iRig PRE, which is an analog connection. What it does is take the output of your iOS or Android device and turn it into an Input-Ouput. The iRig PRE also has a monitoring, which allows you to go live out with its 8″ connection. On the top is the On/Off switch for your Phantom Power, which runs using a 9V battery. iRig PRE also comes with a handy Velcro piece so you can secure it to either your microphone, a microphone stand or any flat surface.

Are you interested in these awesome little devices? You can get them at just $39 for iRig PRE for iOS and Android Devices, and $149 for iRig PRO. Learn more about iRig PRE and iRig PRO from IK Multimedia.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.


Professional audio for DSLR video with TASCAM DR-60D at CES2014


At the recently concluded CES2014, TASCAM, a company that has been developing products for the sound and music industry shows another of their latest product with great audio for your DSLR video—the TASCAM DR-60D.

DSLR videos these days are really blowing up in terms of the continuous number of people shooting with it. However, audio is so important when it comes to video recording via DSLR camera. DSLRs are known to shoot exceptional videos but the audio is a little bit marginal; The new TASCAM DR-60D connects these two. With this dilemma in  mind, TASCAM designed a product that allows you to record superb audio from your DSLR camera on an SD card up to 24bit/96kHz TASCAM DR-60D.

The DR-60D is a 4-channel audio recorder with two XLR/TRS inputs support +4dBu line level input and phantom power (12 or 48VDC), and channels 3 or 4 access through a 3.5mm jack. DR-60D also has 3-4 channel inputs that support plug-in power and high-output mic input, making it great for a 4-channel audio. Another great component of the TASCAM DR-60D is that if you don’t need 4-channels, it will also do dual-recording, which allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels. In addition, this dual-recording allows you to record your primary stereo track at a certain level and at the same time, record a safety track up to 12dB just in case you’re shooting something and all of a sudden there’s an unexpected loud noise that may distort your primary track. With this dual-recording, you can still have a safety track; no need to plug-in an extra microphone.

One thing about the DR-60D is that you can simply mount in on your DSLR camera just like you do on a tripod and carry it with you as you shoot. Even though you’re recording your audio to your DR-60D, there’s an adjustable camera out connector so you can make sure that everything you record on your DR-60D will also be sent to your camera, making it easier to sync it up.

There are times when you’re doing a special shoot where you have a microphone that are 50ft away and close-up microphones. The DR-60D has a feature where you can delay up to 150ms, one mic to another mic so you can take that time difference and correct that.

As for its pricing, the TASCAM DR-60D is being sold at $349 and is sold in different places with their authorized dealers in-store and online. Learn more about the rest of TASCAM DR-60D’s features.

Interview by Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast.