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iSmartAlarm Intelligent Home Security

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When it comes to making a house a “smart home”, there’s no shortage of products on the market. Many are piling into the space in an unfocussed way, without clearly thinking through what problem needs to be solved. Contrary to this scattergun approach, iSmartAlarm identified a problem, solved that and then expanded out to make a home smarter. Don discusses iSmartAlarm’s approach with Zac Sutton.

While home security systems with external monitoring can provide reassurance, the reality is that there’s a costly monthly fee, alerts are often triggered by false alarms and by the time the monitoring company has gone through the list of keyholders, any housebreaker will be long gone. The iSmartAlarm is an expandable home security system, built around a central hub (“CubeOne”) which can be expanded with cameras, motion detectors, magnetic sensors and smart power switches. It’s all wireless and it’s very easy to setup.

Alerts are sent to the home owner via several different methods, including email, push notification and texts. If present, the camera can be reviewed remotely to see if it’s the dog, a child arriving home from school or a ne’er-do-well taking off with their belongings.

The iSmartAlarm can be purchased now with second generation products becoming available soon, including smoke alarms and multi-sensor units. The “Preferred Package” costs $199, which includes the central hub, motion sensor and door/window sensors.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor for the TechPodcast Network.