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Play Attention and Move Stuff Using Your Mind with Freer Logic’s Body Wave

Freer Logic's Body Wave
Freer Logic’s Body Wave Makes You Play Attention
Visiting the Freer Logic booth at Eureka park led us to discover a product called Body Wave, which allows you to increase your mental capacity, physical performance or even control objects around you, all by using your mind. While this may sound a little far-fetched, it actually worked, all from a device that we wore on our wrist that was slightly larger than an MP3 player. There are three sensors that are on the back of the Body Wave that touch your skin and begin looking for brainwave activity and patterns, which are then sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a computer or mobile device. In our scenario, we were told to focus specifically on the object in front of us, the dolphin. Then, once Nick’s brain was in its focused, calm state (which is difficult for him), the dolphin would move to the bottom of the ocean. When he would get distracted from Allante poking at him, the dolphin would lift. It’s definitely something you have to see and/or try to believe, but we’re pretty skeptical about things like this and it actually works. Freer Logic says that Body Wave would expand in the future to be able to allow you to control things like turning on your cell phone or other home electronics with just your mind, and they also said the device would get a lot smaller before it becomes a mainstream product.


Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.