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Jhoombox Combines Karaoke and Internet-Streaming and Makes Singing Fun for All

Jhoombox Internet Streaming Karaoke Device
Jhoombox Makes Karaoke a Blast Again
Jhoombox is the first streaming box that makes you sing. Running off of Android, think of it like a mix between a Roku and a karaoke machine, where you’re connected to the Internet and you don’t need any special cables to get the party started. Plus, just like any other TV enhancer, it’s got movies, TV shows, music, games, social apps and a web browser. We personally like the fact that you can live search thousands of available songs, record your song, publish it and then share it across almost any social network, including quick YouTube uploading. The console itself looks like a little keyboard and you get a really nice air mouse controller with it as well. Jhoombox still has some time before it hits shelves, but at that point the company looks to have millions of songs in its library to sing to.


Video by Nakia Mann of F5 Live.