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Hengedocks Macbook Docking Stations

Steve came across a very interesting booth while combing the halls of CES 2012. If you struggle with a cluttered desks and have issues with cable management, Hengedocks is the product for you! Clean up your work space, save space, increase productivity, and more with this product.

Hengedocks has created a pretty slick docking station for your Mac Book Pros (13,15,17in) and Mac Book Airs (11, 13in). The docking station has spots for all your cables – USB, Firewire, Power, Video, and more. Simply place the Apple product into the docking station, touch the keyboard, and the unit it ready for use. You can use it on your work station or even set it up next to your HD TV or Smart TV. The docking stations are on the market now and range from $60-$75.

Hengedocks also manufactures a product called Clique. It’s a quick and easy way to combine your Apple keyboard with your Trackpad. Clique is selling for only $25!! Check out the entire video and get a live demonstration of how Hengedocks works.

Interview by Steve Lee of Waves of Tech

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