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CourseSmart Online Textbooks for Students

CoursesmartCoursesmart is a higher education content distrobution company. They connect consumers with distributors. Coursesmart is the first to put eTextbooks and eResources on iPad. These are mostly classroom textbooks.

These are not Cliff Notes. This is full textbooks. 1 million students using, 2 million users on over 700,000 campuses.

Best part is when faculty members can create syllabus, where the textbook is cataloged right on it. That way the student doesn’t have to wade at the campus bookstore and find the wrong version. These are all new books and less expensive than the old paper textbook.

Prices depend on textbook.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World


CourseSmart for Textbooks


Heather Shelstad CourseSmart joins Tom and Andy. CourseSmart is a Textbook and Digital Course material website. McGraw-Hill (for example) works with CourseSmart to get the latest information.

Gone are the days of old expensive textbooks. The mobile access means you can get an iPad and buy your books through the virtual bookshelf.

Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net

Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast

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