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Celluon Epic: Bluetooth Projection Keyboard

Celluon Epic
Celluon Epic

If you have a mobile device (iPad, Android tablet) with Bluetooth and wanted to have a different type of keyboard for it, then check this out. The Celluon Epic is the next stage in Bluetooth laser projection keyboards.

About half the size of the Magic Cube, the Epic can project a full keyboard on a surface within bluetooth range to the device. This will be perfect if Apple TV turns on their bluetooth options. You can then sit on the couch and type on the coffee table looking for your favorite shows.

Celluon Epic will be available around March for $169. The Magic Cube (another projection laser keyboard which is roughly twice the size) is available now for $149. Celluon also has solutions for the iPhone and for medical professionals. (www.celluon.com)


Video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.com