Invoxia Minitailz: AI-powered pet tracker monitors health @ CES 2024

Invoxia Minitailz pet health trackerClément Moreau, CEO of Invoxia, shares the latest on upgrades to their classic pet trackers at CES 2024. Their 3rd generation Minitailz pet tracker includes AI technology in the device, cloud, and application. The device has been redesigned to be small and lightweight, can attach to any type of pet collar, on any size dog, and has a battery life of 2 to 4 weeks, depending on activity levels.

Invoxia 3rd-gen pet trackers barking up the right tree

The Invoxia app is compatible with iPhone or Android phones, and not only tracks the location of the pet but also monitors its health and activity levels. Metrics such as heart rate, breathing, and disease detection are available, providing valuable information for dog owners who want to ensure their pets are healthy and happy. The app also tracks the pet’s activity level, helping owners understand the amount of exercise their dog needs to maintain happiness.

Minitailz pet tracker health monitoring features

One of the key features of the Invoxia device is its ability to monitor a dog’s heart rate. In a thorough study conducted on more than 200 dogs, the device was found to have a 97% accuracy rate in extracting data compared to the data that a vet could check. This high level of accuracy is impressive and reassures pet owners that their dog’s heart rate is being accurately monitored.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, the pet trackers also track a dog’s activity levels. Similar to a Fitbit for humans, the device helps pet owners understand how much exercise their dog is getting daily. This information is beneficial for dog owners with busy schedules who may not be able to provide their dogs with as much exercise as they would like. By knowing their dog’s activity levels, pet owners can make adjustments to ensure their dog is getting the appropriate amount of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

More than just an activity tracker

The Minitailz pet tracker can also help detect diseases in dogs. This is particularly helpful for pet owners who have dogs with behavioral or age-related problems. Leaving their home can be difficult for these individuals, but with the Invoxia device, they can have peace of mind knowing that their dog’s health is being monitored.

The Minitailz is not only beneficial for pet owners but also for the dogs themselves. By providing valuable insights into a dog’s health and activity levels, pet owners can make informed decisions to keep their animals healthier and happier. This device helps pet owners understand their dog’s needs and allows them to provide the appropriate care and attention.

Pet tracking beyond the backyard

Invoxia’s Minitailz pet tracker works in works in 40 different countries, enabling pet owners to track their pets even when traveling abroad and providing innovative solutions for pet owners worldwide. In addition, the upcoming introduction of a cat-specific version of the device further expands the reach of Invoxia’s technology, catering to a wider range of pet owners.

Invoxia also produces trackers for other services such as cars, motorbikes, bikes, and even for tracking children or elderly people. Unlike Bluetooth-based trackers like AirTags, Invoxia’s trackers use GPS and GSM technology, allowing for countrywide and worldwide tracking.

Minitailz pet tracker: How to fetch it

Minitailz is available for purchase on Invoxia’s website, Amazon, and other retailers. It has a retail price of $99 and requires a monthly subscription of $8.50.

Conclusion: Minitailz can help you keep your pet healthy and happy

Invoxia’s AI-powered pet tracker is a game-changer in the world of pet health monitoring. With its accurate heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and disease detection capabilities, this device provides pet owners with valuable insights into their dog’s well-being, helping assure pet owners that their dogs are receiving the appropriate care and attention to keep them healthy and happy. Invoxia’s commitment to innovation and its availability in multiple countries further solidify its position as a leader in the pet health monitoring industry.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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