LumosTech: Improving sleep quality by harnessing light @ CES 2024

LumosTech sleep light therapyA new technology has been developed by LumosTech that uses light therapy to help manage an individual’s circadian rhythm, which is our body’s internal clock that dictates when we feel sleepy or awake. Aligning our sleep schedule with this natural rhythm can lead to more restful sleep. Conversely, sleeping outside of these natural rhythms can negatively impact the quality of our sleep.

LumosTech aims to address the challenges faced by individuals who work night shifts. Working a night shift can be brutal, and can be compared to flying to China and back in terms of its impact on the body. To combat this issue, LumosTech has created a night shift module that helps users adjust to their night shift schedule.

Light therapy mask regulates circadian rhythm

The technology behind the light therapy mask is based on research conducted at Stanford University. This research demonstrated that short light flashes can be used to regulate the human circadian clock. The mask uses this light therapy to activate the photosensitive receptors in the eyes, which then send signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain. The SCN is a small region that controls the circadian clock. By stimulating the SCN with light flashes, the mask can effectively change an individual’s circadian rhythm, influencing when they need to sleep or should be sleeping.

Dr. Biquan Luo, CEO of LumosTech, touches upon the impact of natural light on our sleep and mood. She highlights how living in regions with limited sunlight, such as Maine or Seattle, can affect sleep and overall well-being. The mask helps compensate for this lack of natural light by providing light therapy that mimics the effects of sunlight.

Using the LumosTech mask

To personalize the mask’s functionality, users are required to answer a series of questions about their sleep schedules and biological profiles. Based on these answers, the mask can determine the user’s chronotype, whether they are naturally inclined to be early birds or night owls. Depending on the user’s specific needs, the mask offers different modules. For instance, there is a Beat Jetlag module for travelers, a night shift module for healthcare professionals, and a module for individuals experiencing seasonal affective disorder, which exposes them to morning light.

The mask allows users to adjust their bedtime and wake-up time, enabling them to adapt to changing schedules or overcome the effects of jet lag. The podcast host shares their own experience of working overnight shifts and the challenges of adjusting their sleep pattern when transitioning to a daytime shift.

Overall, the light therapy mask offers a promising solution for individuals struggling with sleep issues or disrupted circadian rhythms. By leveraging the power of light to regulate the internal clock, this technology has the potential to improve sleep quality and overall well-being.

Conclusion: The power of light can improve sleep

In conclusion, the night shift module developed by LumosTech offers a promising solution for individuals who work night shifts and struggle with disrupted sleep patterns. By using light therapy to regulate the internal clock, the module helps users adjust to their night shift schedule and experience improved sleep quality. With further development and expansion of the module’s capabilities, it has the potential to greatly benefit individuals with various sleep disorders and contribute to overall well-being.

The mask itself is described as incredibly light and comfortable to wear. It is currently only compatible with Apple devices and is priced at $298. The mask comes with a companion app that includes six modules to combat different types of sleep disorders. The company is also continuing to develop new modules to address various sleep issues.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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