Monster Smart Illuminessence is bringing color to light @ CES 2022

Monster Smart Illuminessence home lightingIt’s no secret that the world is getting brighter and more color, thanks in part to companies like Xtreme Cables and the Monster Smart Illumenessence line of LED products. Unline most major rands, the Illuminessence product line is designed to be fun, durable, and inexpensive. In fact, when compared against other major brands. the Illuminessence products regularly come in under their competitors. Plus, the lineup has a number of unique products and partnerships.

Individual LED pixels

All of the new products coming out in the Monster Smart Illuminessence are designed with individual LED pixels. This means that, unlike most LED products that can only produce a single color across the entire body, the new products can target each LED with its own color. This OC-controlled LED design means that advanced patterns, similar to what can be found on the Prism and Digit, are now possible across the Illuminessence family.

New Products

Neon Flux+

The Neon Flux+ is an upgrade to the previous Neon light strip. The original Neon is unique because it has a diffuser along its body making it so that you cannot see the individual LED pixels. Instead, it appears as one single light strip. With the new Neon Flux+, you get all of the benefits of the Neon with two big additions: memory wire and individual LED pixels.

The memory wire gives you the ability to use the strip to create all kinds of things, from a Christmas tree to writing. The concept was born when Jennifer Garrett, the Director of Design, tried to write something on her wall with an original Neon. The experience wasn’t ideal because it required a ton of individual holes to spell out “Design.” She wanted a better experience, and so was born the Neon Flux+.

Bistro Lights

The Bistro Lights are designed to be used outdoors. In the summer, they can be used as lighting around your pool or patio, while during the holidays, can be turned into your Christmas lights without having to take them down and put them up. Like all of the new items, each light can be controlled independently, giving you the ability to create some truly spectacular party effects.

Razer Chroma integration

This is, by far, the most exciting addition to the ecosystem for the year. The Monster Smart app is coming to PC, and it will work in conjunction with the Razer Chroma system. With this integration, you’ll be able to extend your gaming and entertainment experience beyond your screen. All of the Smart Illuminessence products will be compatible with the system, allowing you to even extend the lighting into other rooms.

The most exciting ability, of course, is the option to map out your lighting so that the colors on your screen can be mirrored externally. In the example in the booth, Jennifer was showing a Prism, Light Bar, and Arc all working together to replicate the colors from the screen onto the wall and desk.


Many of the Monster Smart Illuminessence products are available now, with more coming this year. The Monster Smart desktop app with Razer Chroma support is expected to launch in May 2022. To learn more about the products or purchase one for yourself, you can head to the company’s website or to Walmart.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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