CleanBox: The next innovation for clean shared devices @ CES 2022

CleanBox electronic sanitizationThe past 2 years have completely changed the way we look at public accommodations. In 2019, no one would have thought twice about touching a kiosk that someone had just used. But today, many people look at common surfaces and devices as if they are plague rats. Whether this approach to public spaces is itself healthy or not, it is not going away anytime soon. To help alleviate fears of public or common items, CleanBox has developed a quick and easy way to clean these items.

What is CleanBox?

Technology has the power to change everything. CleanBox is a company that wants to help people keep their devices clean and germ-free so they can safely use them with others. CleanBox uses UV-C light, which is an advanced form of lighting that eliminates all germs on surfaces and in the shadows in just 60 seconds. CleanBox is built around three core beliefs: technology has unlimited potential, we’re all connected through our devices, and it’s time for shared device sanitation innovation!

Using CleanBox technology, you can kill 99.999% of all contagions on shared or personal electronics within minutes. Simply place the device into the box and the process takes care of itself. The company offers a couple of different models for different purposes, such as the CX series for head-mounted displays (HMD), CleanDefense for face masks, and OmniClean for everything else.

Who is CleanBox for?

The technology is designed for anyone who is in charge of shared electronics. A great example is the headsets and wristbands for HADO with our partners at AMRoC Fab Lab. Every time someone plays the game, someone has to wipe down the headsets and the wristbands before the next group can play. At events, even with 3 sets, this can be a challenge.

In addition, the normal process means having wipes, which require the user to be perfect. Any missed spot means that a collection of germs survives. Also, it means a never-ending supply of wipes has to be used and then disposed of. Consumables mean higher cost per game and more time required to reset. By using a CleanBox, we could cut that reset time down and guarantee that no spots have been missed – a win for everyone involved.

CleanBox is also perfect for showing off devices at a trade show. Imagine a company demoing an audio-based technology or even a videogame that requires headphones. After each person wears the headphones, they’ll need to be cleaned before the next person uses them. This product would allow you to place the headphones in the box for a minute and get a nearly perfect pair of headphones in a minute.


CleanBox kills 99.999% of all contagions on shared devices. “No chemicals. No waste. No hassle.” It is the next step in shared device sanitation, and we can try it now. To learn more about the company, the products they offer, or to purchase one for your company, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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