LumiLor: A coating that gives objects the ability to glow @ CES 2022

LumiLorLumiLor is a breakthrough lighting solution that is revolutionizing the way we light our world. With its easy application and versatile design, the product makes it possible to create products that were difficult (if not impossible) to illuminate before. If you’re looking for a safe, efficient, and elegant lighting solution, look no further than LumiLor.

What makes LumiLor unique?

One of the great benefits of LumiLor is that it is a very safe lighting solution. The light emitted from the coating is gentle and does not produce any heat. This makes it perfect for use in products where safety is a concern, such as children’s toys or medical devices. With LumiLor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your product is safe and secure.

Another great benefit of LumiLor is its versatility. Because it can be applied to any surface, it opens up endless possibilities for creative lighting solutions. You can create intricate designs with luminescent borders or add subtle highlights to objects to make them stand out against a dark background. With this product, the only limit is your imagination.

Where can LumiLor be used?

This versatile product can be applied directly onto any object or surface where light is desired. It emits a very bright glow that makes it perfect for accentuating logos on retail products as well as creating glowing jewelry items like chokers and necklaces. LumiLor is also a great luminescent lighting solution for interior design and furniture.

You can even add luminescent designs to clothing, costumes, and fabric using LumiLor’s innovative pre-applied film option. This makes it possible to create luminescent apparel that will light up any party! Because of the thickness, only 100 microns, adding luminescence to clothing and accessories won’t add any bulk and nearly no additional weight.

One great example of how you can use the versatile product would be in ski goggles: attaching an adhesive layer onto your existing pair of ski goggles not only protects them from scratches but also allows you to easily attach custom graphics or logos onto them so they really stand out against other competitors on the slopes at nightfall. You could even apply the coating directly onto snowboards as long as you have a smooth, clean surface to adhere the luminescent coating onto.

But, you can add the company’s luminescent coating to other outdoor sports items, such as bikes and accessories. Rather than having to add lights to your bike and helmet to use at night, LumiLor allows you to use your items as they are intended, with just the addition of the lighting film.

There are many more luminescent lighting applications for both interior and exterior design that you can explore. If there’s an object or surface where luminescence is desired, LumiLor will work! Whether it be signage on vehicles, bar stools in your cafe/restaurant, cabinets in your kitchen & bathroom, or any other luminescent lighting application imaginable – LumiLor has a solution for every need.

For more information on this amazing product, visit the company’s website today!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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