Fluo Labs is shining a neon light on allergy treatment @ CES 2021

Fluo Labs allergy treatmentIf you suffer from allergies, you know that they can be debilitating. Common items around you can cause you to suddenly struggle to breathe. Some people can’t have pets because of dander, even if they love them. Some people can’t have flowers around because of pollen. There are a variety of treatments, from pills to shots, that help alleviate the symptoms, but generally have side effects that can also affect your daily life. Fortunately, there is a new treatment from Fluo Labs.

The Fluo (which is French for fluorescent or neon) solution does not use pills and shots. Instead, the company uses a form of light therapy to address the common reaction to allergens. It comes in the form of a small electronic device that looks very similar to an electronic thermometer. Rather than going in your ear, however, this goes in your nose. You put it inside of each nostril for a few seconds. The device’s light causes the cells inside of your nose to block the production of histamine, which is the chemical that causes you all of your discomforts.

Traditional medical treatments can cause you to be drowsy or dizzy. These side effects can affect a number of areas of your life, including job and hobby options. This is commonly referred to by allergy suffers as brain fog. Using light therapy, you can alleviate your allergy symptoms without the brain fog. It can also be used by those who cannot use pharmaceutical intervention, like those who are pregnant, medical conditions, or specific careers.

The Fluo handheld device has been fully developed and is now in the final stages of FDA clearance. The company hopes to bring the product to market before the end of 2021. To learn more about the product or sign up for production notifications, head to company’s website.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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