GOAT is helping to reduce food waste by offering it to others

GOAT Generation Food Waste RecoveryIt is amazing how much food waste happens in the modern world. We are all guilty of it, from our homes or business. Even bigger is restaurants and caterers, who oftentimes end up with meals that they cannot sell at the end of the day. Making it worse, many places make it illegal for these businesses to donate their leftover food to homeless shelters and other non-profit organizations. But, how can they responsibly get rid of the food without throwing it into a landfill? Through a new system called GOAT Generation.

Through GOAT, individuals and businesses can sell or donate their unused food and meals. This creates a unique way for unwanted food to find a new home that can help someone else out. Our own team is a great example of who this product is designed for. When we travel for an event like Collision, we have taken to staying in a house or condo. We do this because it allows us to buy groceries and save a ton of money. However, we always end up with extra supplies – sandwich meats, cheese, bread, and sometimes things like chicken. We hate to allow it to go bad or throw it out. We have looked for people in the area, including the owner of the house we stayed in, to make sure it gets used. However, an app like GOAT would allow us to not only ensure the food isn’t wasted but also make back a little of the money we spent on it.

GOAT is just getting started, with a small area of implementation. The company is working to expand that coverage to more areas. To find out where the platform currently works or to download the app on iOS or Android, head over to the company’s website.

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