Alavida Health can return control of your life from alcohol dependence

Alavida Alcohol RecoveryAlcohol is one of the first things that every culture creates, and yet it is one of the biggest health and social issues for people around the world. There have always been programs to help people deal with the issue, but it tends to be a one size fits all kind of solution, and involves abandoning drinking altogether. But that is not the solution for everyone – many people just need some help to taper down their drinking habits. That’s where Alavida Health comes in, with a service to help people lower their alcohol intake gradually.

Rather than going cold turkey from heavy drinking to no drinking, this course helps a person to get their behaviors under control. This is done with a series of evidence-based processes and treatments that are guided by a wide knowledge base and at the hand of doctors and therapists, with special training in alcohol addiction. These medical professionals are available to help you through the process, either through in-person visits, phone calls, or using secure video conferencing. This team is there to help you when you need it so that you can be proud of your results in under 6 months.

Within the system, you can also track your daily activities, and log what your connected behaviors were. This gives you and your care team the ability to identify what your triggers are to help you address them. If you can identify what drives you to drink, it is far easier to address those triggers head-on. There are also tools for your loved ones and support network to receive assistance and to help give it to you.

Alavida’s outpatient program is available now. For more information on how it works, to take the assessment, or to get in touch with the company, check out their website.

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