Healthy Dining is a world-wide app for plant-based restaurants

Healthy Dining Vegan Restaurant FinderPeople that live on a plant-based diet have special needs. They require an environment that is restrictive in that they cannot have any cross-contamination of certain foods. Some do not eat any dairy or animal by-products or any foods that animals are involved in, in ay way, such as honey being produced by bees. This can be incredibly difficult when dining out especially in a new and unfamiliar area. That’s where Healthy Dining becomes your friend.

This app provides a location-based curated list of plant-based restaurants that allows you to eat out safely and not have to worry about your restrictions and cross-contamination. In addition to being able to find the ideal places to eat, Healthy Dining allows you to find others who, like you, want to share meals and dining experiences. You create a profile from which others can see and it brings together new friends who have a common bond. In this app, you can view the menu options of the restaurants, and see what specials they have to offer as well as read any reviews posted. The location is chosen by the city, state or zip code.

Restaurants cannot be vegan- or vegetarian-friendly or simply offer vegan and vegetarian options; the entire menu must comply with vegan or vegetarian standards. Ebony McCormick, founder and CEO of Healthy Dining, has individually verified each restaurant on the platform for compliance. For Ebony, part of her research is reaching out to restaurants to make sure not only does the food that is served follow her requirements but the facility itself also has to. There are currently 1500 restaurants available to review and the number is growing.

The app is currently available for $1.99 to download and to allow more profiles to view, it is $1.99 per month. For more information go to her website.

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