ChiKeey helps you and your loved ones connect with your emotions

ChiKeey Digital Mood RingWho remembers the mood rings of the ’70s? They were all the rage and in the day the first year sold 20 million units. Fast forward to today and the technology available to improve on the idea. Guiliana Kotikela is the founder and CEO of ChiKeey which is modernizing the mood ring of the ’70s and ’80s. It is a biometric digital mood ring made to show emotions that allows you to connect with people.

On the ring, there are bio-physiological sensors that help you to understand yourself and in turn, understand others. Determining factors are the way you speak, skin temperature and the sweat that is emitted from your skin, and even your blood oxygen level. In the testing, the vocal biomarkers were found to be 90% accurate in 100 different trials. As of now, 8 different moods can be detected: fear, anxiety, desperation, joy, ecstasy, frustration, contentment, and neutrality.

In her previous job, Guiliana traveled a lot and had to leave her children home. While skyping with a daughter in the evening, she always asked her how her day was and felt that a quiet “fine” was not quite accurate because there was no eye contact from her daughter. Two days later the school called her to say that the girl was being bullied. That incident is what prompted the idea for this ring. Now there is relief on the mothers part because she can immediately know what her daughter’s mood is and if there is a problem.

Mood sharing is made possible through the connected app. The wearer has the option to share their readings in real-time with the friends and family of their choosing. These people can respond based on the moods shown. For example, if you see that your bestie is having a hard time, you can call them up and offer to bring over ice cream to make it better! Connections with friends and loved ones are important to our overall daily well-being.

This product is available soon. For more information go to their website.

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