You’re going to love AIRO.LIFE’s free cell phone and data plan!

AIRO.LIFE Be Free PhoneIt pretty much goes without saying that one thing we are all attached to these days is our cell phone. Which in turn means that one thing that is attached to all of us is an expensive cell data plan and phone bill. Douglas Mochrie, founder of AIRO.LIFE stopped by the studio to discuss their vision to eliminate the latter from our lives, altogether. They recently announced that they are launching the Be Free Phone.

The Be Free Phone is a smartphone and data plan that is provided completely free to the end-user. Oh, and not just some cheap phone that nobody is going to want. This is an actual tier two, flagship quality phone with a 5,000 milliamp battery, 16-megapixel camera, and a strong chip. How can they possibly accomplish this, you may be asking? We did, too. They will be openly and honestly collecting your data while giving you the option to be shown more of your favorite content in the process. So, your first thoughts might be “Oh, heck no. I don’t want them collecting my data and selling it off to advertisers, etc.” But when you think it through a little, it’s already happening to us behind the scenes all the time, anyway. So let’s see what they have to offer and what is motivating them.

They have huge ambitions and want the world to change to a more healthy and stable environment for all of us on the planet. They realize that this is no small task and feel that overall, banking, education, media and our current political structure all have to evolve. And their approach to this is not one of some fly by night company. They are very serious and calculated in their approach. Believing in the 4 pillars of sustainable business, People, Planet, Passion, Profit, they have been working diligently with industry specialists, consultants and business owners for the deployment of Airo.Life. Their first step is to disrupt the smartphone, carrier and ad world. They feel this will drive down prices and help families save money and eventually impact both the economic and political atmosphere. Then the next phase will be in the energy sector.

Learn all of the details by watching the complete interview and don’t forget to check out their upcoming Indiegogo campaign by visiting their website.

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