Manage your clients while giving them every advantage with AppBind

AppBind service paymentAll small- and medium-size businesses want to make sure that they have access to, and are utilizing the best resources possible. One way to ensure this is by working with contractors, like management, marketing, and software companies, who are experts in their chosen fields to help give them a leg up. The best marketing agencies and software development companies strive to provide their clients with the right resources to make them as successful as they can be. Unfortunately, this can be difficult because billing gets in the way. Often, the contractors have to ask for the client’s credit card information, or the client has to sign up for the service themselves, without knowing what they’re doing. Sunir Shah knows the reality of this all too well, and that’s why he has developed AppBind, a system that automatically tracks and securely expenses all future charges to agency clients from what they refer to as a single pane of glass.

AppBind gives you the ability to buy and manage subscriptions on behalf of your clients. This is because the platform allows the client to put their credit card information into AppBind without the contractor ever seeing it. Once the funding source is added, the contractor can obtain all of these subscriptions for their clients easily, whether it be Welby, Mail Chimp, Facebook Ads, AWS, GitHub, or whatever best fits each client’s needs. They accomplished this by generating a new credit card for each of these subscriptions so when the charges come in, you can quickly find and track them for each client. Another nice perk is that you can easily add a markup and pass the charges directly on to your client’s credit cards. It is also very safe because the contractor is not holding any financial risks, which makes it easy to set up subscription stacks for their customers. It makes the whole process neat and concise and shows a great level of added professionalism to customers. This is truly a win-win for all parties.

To find out more about AppBind, be sure to watch the full interview and also check out their website.

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