HowToFund: simplified fundraising for schools, PTOs, and non-profits

HowToFund Non-Profit FundraisingHowToFund is an innovative, robust solution for non-profits, schools, and PTA/PTO groups. Offering an enterprise solution allowing you to collect funding on your website and is easily administrated by a single user or group, it also allows for integration into social media, tracking of donor information and the automation of sending Thank You notes to your donors. Receipts are emailed automatically and setting goals and timelines is very easy, plus you can manage all your fundraisers in one location. This product transforms fundraising for your organization.

With seamless integration into your website and social media functionality, anyone with minimal experience can crowdfund successfully. The best part may be that its absolutely free to schools, non-profits, and PTA/PTO groups. Instead of charging the organization, the donors only paying a 5% + 30cent fee to process their transactions. Organizations are also offered a premium service for $40, giving access to a fundraising coach, that will help you train your staff. They will also provide a curriculum that will help you get off the ground and execute on your fundraising goals: all with no change to the donor fee.

HowToFund can fundamentally change the way that your group operates and allow you to achieve all of the goals you have set for it, be it getting a robotics team trying to get to a competition or funding a library. Whatever your goal is, HowToFund is there to guide and support you, every step of the way. Any school, non-profit, or PTA/PTO group should strongly consider using HowToFund for their fundraising; its a fantastic solution to a problem that many of these organizations face. Helping people achieve and productively move toward their goals seems to be at the core of what HowToFund does and that is worthy of our adulation, as well as all of our attention.

For more information or get to start fundraising today visit their website.

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